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What is Shine for ShelterBox?

Join communities all over the country to help brighten lives by hosting a gathering for families and friends.

When disasters strike and power lines go down, families are left vulnerable, wrenched away from comfort and light.

This is why our ShelterBox aid often includes solar lanterns that bring light and comfort to those who have lost everything in the blink of an eye.

As you dine, you’ll be raising money to provide emergency shelter for families affected by disaster.

Whether you love getting together with friends or already have a party planned for the festive season, you can make a difference. By holding a heart-warming evening you can bring light to families in their hour of darkness.

What materials will I receive?

We have loads of resources and materials to help you maximise the fun at your Shine for ShelterBox party.

  • Delicious recipes and guides to hosting your event
  • Fundraising top tips and ideas
  • Party invitations to send to your friends
  • A fun quiz for you and your guests to enjoy at your fundraising event
  • A table talker to help your guests understand how their donations will make a difference

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Brightening Lives

You’ll help people like William and Annie.

When monsoon rains brought waist-high floodwaters to William and Annie’s village, their whole house was destroyed. Their crops were washed away and all of their belongings were lost – even their livestock.

They were also left without light. In Malawi, where William and Annie live with their five children, the sun sets quickly and the nights are completely dark. At night, deadly black mambas and other poisonous snakes come out, making even short trips to the latrine a dangerous prospect.

This is why we pack a solar light in every ShelterBox.

These clever lights are waterproof, inflatable and can last up to 16 hours on just one charge. For families like William and Annie’s, solar lights are much more than a convenience – they mean safety and security.

How does my Shine party help?

Take a look at at how your Shine candlelit party could help people like Rita and Dorica

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