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On the darkest days of winter, you’ll brighten lives.

When disaster strikes, when families lose all they own to natural disasters or conflict, you can be there to bring light, comfort and hope. 

Host a Shine for ShelterBox candlelit dinner from 21 November to 21 December. Get together with friends and family to eat, drink and raise money for families caught up in disaster this winter.

With every penny and pound you raise, you’ll help to provide solar lights, tents, tools, blankets, pots and pans and much more for families left homeless by disaster. Learn more about our aid items and the meet the families your support is helping

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Bring light to the darkest days

A candlelit dinner

Call your friends, light a candle, turn up the music and let’s make this your night to shine. 

Your Shine party can be as easy as you want it to be:   

  • Posh: Make Mary Berry proud with your star pudding!  
  • Nosh: Make it casual – or make it easy and order your favourite takeaway  
  • Slosh: Make it merry with drinks and snacks 

It's easy to get started  - request your free Shine for ShelterBox fundraising pack now. 

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Shine for people like Ritta and Dorica

Take a look at how your Shine candlelit party could help bring light and hope to communities devastated by disaster.

Shine for ShelterBox fundraiser Hannah sitting in her garden holding a small ShelterBox

It was lovely to be chatting and relaxing with my neighbours. When I saw that people had actually donated money I was touched. That feeling of satisfaction was great - I’ve actually done something worthwhile.

- Hannah Pengelly, Buckinghamshire

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