ShelterBox Book Club

No ordinary books. No ordinary book club.

For £10 a monthly subscription, you’ll receive a book every six weeks inspired by people and places in the real world – people who have been helped by ShelterBox in an emergency.

Join a unique community of over 2,000 book lovers today and help disaster-hit families with every book you read.

What is ShelterBox Book Club?

ShelterBox Book Club has over 2,000 members all around the country, helping the world by reading great books.

People are at the heart of everything we do at ShelterBox and it’s the same for our Book Club. First, our community votes on our next read from a shortlist of character-led titles. Then our members receive that book in the post and read along at their own pace. Finally, six weeks later we get together online to discuss what we thought.

ShelterBox Book Club helps you to see through another’s eyes. When you join, you’re helping the world by learning more about it.

“Every month I am challenged, enthralled and blessed by a book that I would NEVER have picked up off the shelf. From all across the globe, each book has widened my thinking and enriched my relationship with the world.” – Sarah, Book Club Member

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How does it work?

It couldn’t be easier to join ShelterBox Book Club and start your membership. Here’s how it all works:

  • Join today with a monthly payment – we recommend at least £10 to cover costs and postage
  • Vote on the next shortlist of 3 brilliant books 
  • Receive your copy of the winning book through the post every six weeks
  • Take part in the online video calls and Facebook discussions
  • Learn how your membership is helping the lives of disaster-hit families.

Want to find out more, including how to gift a membership? View the Book Club FAQs.

What our members say

What have we read?

Here are some of the books we've read since starting ShelterBox Book Club

Shelterbox Book Club latest books

Gift Book Club Today

Give your loved ones a membership to ShelterBox Book Club. The special gift recipient will receive books and be a part of a like-minded community of bookworms. All profits go to helping families around the world hit by disaster – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Frequently asked questions

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Change lives with every page

Nigerian Family in their shelter
Your membership will be helping families like Khadija's, who had to leave everything behind in Nigeria and flee Boko Haram. The family were provided with sturdy materials to build a new shelter, and feel safe again.

ShelterBox is no ordinary charity. We believe that every family has the right to a shelter they can call home. No ifs. No buts.

Join our extraordinary Book Club today and you’ll be helping reach even more families hit by disaster or emergency.

In 2018 alone, thanks to our supporters we helped over 210,000 people all over the world affected by conflict and natural disasters. See how we’ve helped people recover.

Your support will help provide vital ShelterBoxes and ShelterKits with emergency essentials, like tents, water filters and solar lights. Find out more about our aid.

Whenever disaster strikes – whether it’s a hurricane, floods or severe drought – your love of a good book will help create real-life stories with a happier ending.


Stories of recovery

Life as a seamstress in Minawao camp

Esther's story

Esther saw her family getting slaughtered by Boko Haram. She escaped, settling in Minawao camp and becoming a seamstress.

Rebuilding after Cyclone Idai

Modestar's story

After Cyclone Idai washed away Modestar’s home, she used the aid items she received to rebuild.

Running from the conflict in Syria

Mohammed's story

Mohammed had to flee the devastating conflict in Syria to protect his children