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Why support ShelterBox?

With over 20 years of experience, we are experts in emergency shelter after disaster. We often work in places that others don’t, making sure that we reach families who need support to take the next step in resuming their livelihoods.

From Cameroon to Syria, all the way to the Philippines and the Caribbean, we have provided shelter to over 1.5 million people so far. In 2020, the year that marks our 20th birthday, your support has been more valuable than ever.

Despite the challenges, we have been working nonstop all over the world, being part of the global effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. Thanks to your incredible support and the help of our partners worldwide, we have provided shelter to almost 100,000 people so far in 2020.

We won’t stop until we see a world where no family goes without shelter after disaster. Will you help us?

How your money is spent

Young children playing in Nepal

With the help of amazing supporters like you, we’re working hard to provide emergency shelter for vulnerable families around the world who have lost their homes after disaster.

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Join a unique community of over 2,000 members. With every book you read you’ll be helping disaster-hit families around the world.

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