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Families have lost everything

When Cyclone Idai tore through southern Africa in March, it separated parents and children, ripped up homes and destroyed livelihoods. 

Thousands of families were left homeless and afraid, urgently needing help. 

Our teams that deployed in Malawi have been working with our partners Habitat for Humanity to provide emergency shelter for families affected the most.

Nearly 2,000 families have received ShelterKits, water filters, mosquito nets, solar lights, blankets and water carriers. That's around 10,000 people with a place to call home thanks to your support. 

Watch the video for our latest update. Watch previous video updates here.

Voices of Malawi


Petro and his family have been severely affected by Cyclone Idai.

"The rains were so heavy - there was so much water flooding our house. Then it just washed away. Completely washed away. So we had to run. 

At first, I had the fear, the next thing I thought was that we would die because I had to pick up my children on my shoulders. The water was almost at my neck level."

With your support, we have provided aid to families like Petro's, so they can start rebuilding their lives.

See more photos from Malawi and see how families are showing great resilience and strength. 

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About the flooding

ShelterBox has responded to many countries affected by severe floods. Photo: Niger, 2010.

Flooding can be extremely damaging, even life threatening, for the families that experience it. 

In Malawi the flooding has devastated land, livestock and homes. Vast areas have been left uninhabitable, leaving families homeless and vulnerable. 

Over 1 million people have been affected in the region, with additional fears for further risks to families such as water-borne diseases and malaria. 

Learn more about why floods happen and their devastating effects. 

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Aid items families received

ShelterKit consisting of ropes, tarpaulins, hammer and nails


A selection of hardwearing tools and materials that help families rebuild their homes

Water filter kit

Water filters

These can help families produce safe drinking water, when access to clean water is compromised.

mosquito net

Mosquito nets

Coated with insecticide, these can protect families from the increased risk of malaria.