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Christmas in a box

In the last few months, extreme weather has left thousands of families without a single scrap of shelter.

From devastating hurricanes in the Caribbean to the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh, families have been forced into a life and death struggle against the elements.

Earlier this year we met Solar, a 49-year-old mother from Peru, after heavy rainfall had devastated her village.

She said: ‘We are at the end of the world. No one comes here. No one visits and brings help…We were so happy to receive the box. It was like Christmas in a box!’

Our ShelterBoxes have the power to transform lives. They’re more than just tents and blankets – they can become a home, a place where families come together. 

So when you are wrapping your Christmas presents this year, please think about adding another magical gift – to ShelterBox. Will you put Christmas in a box for another family?

‘Life is now possible’

Ahmed and his family in an emergency camp inside Syria.

Ahmed and his family live in an emergency camp inside Syria.

33-year-old Ahmed looks after his wife and two children – one of them has a disability. They are also expecting another child. ‘It was very bad when we arrived here,’ said Ahmed. ‘We had no place to stay and we suffered for a whole month moving from under the trees in the day to the riverside at night.’

When they received the gift of a ShelterBox, which included a tent and essential aid items, they were able to start living again. 'With the tent and the materials we received, everything became comfortable – sleep, daily life and cooking. Life is now possible.'

Give the gift of a home