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welcome to the volunteer portal

In the portal you can update your profile, see a directory of all volunteers, access all resources, view and sign up to community activities and if you are a response team volunteer you can add and edit your deployment availability.

See the full list of of portal features below. 

If you are having issues accessing the portal, view our troubleshooting tips.

How to log in to the portal

Open the portal using the button below. Log in to the portal using your Office 365 account which is your ShelterBox email address and password. 

Portal features


You can edit personal details, contact details, a short bio, a profile pic, rotary club membership, languages, emergency contacts and your history with ShelterBox. You will also be able to decide which of this information you want to share with the wider volunteer network, to find out why check in next time


The volunteer directory allows you to view all volunteers on a list or map view. Click through to their profile and you will automatically see their name, roles and ShelterBox email address as well as anything else from their profile they’ve decided to share.


We can all agree SharePoint is a maze. So, we’ve put direct links to all the folders you should need on the resources page. It acts as a one-stop shop for op’s info, tools for talks, photos and stories and FAQs. You will also find the all-important ‘how to’ guide for the new portal.

Activites and availability

You can sign up to all community activities (speaker talks and events) here, as well as see all events in list, map and calendar views. Excitingly you can also log the amount of time you’ve spent at events so we can have accurate records on how much time these activities take.

For response team members, you can add your availability to the portal here, as it was in the previous portal. Again, you’ll be able to see this in multiple formats – calendar and list.


Can't log in?

If you are having trouble logging in to Office 365, follow these steps in order to reset your password:

  1. Click can't access your account.
  2. Select work or school account.
  3. Enter your user ID which is your ShelterBox email address.
  4. Add the characters displayed in the field and click next.
  5. Select how what contact method you want to be used for verification. Eg. 'Email my alternative email address' - This is your personal email address.
  6. Enter your verification code (6 digits) and click next. 
  7. Choose another verification contact method. Eg. 'Call my mobile phone number'. 
  8. Enter your verification code (6 digits) and click next. 
  9. Choose a new password (must be at least 8 characters) and click finish.
  10. Sign in to your account but clicking 'click here' and enter your new password.

Still need help?

If you have any questions about the volunteering in general please contact

For any help or issues about accessing the portal: