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Be a part of our visitor centre

We're looking for enthusiastic and friendly volunteers to support our new Visitor Centre at our HQ in Truro, Cornwall.

As a ShelterBox Visitor Centre volunteer, you’ll be a part of a team to help raise awareness about ShelterBox’s work in disaster relief around the world.

You’ll have access to regular updates on our deployments and you’ll receive induction and training to ensure you feel confident in all aspects of the work of the charity.

The role

  • Welcoming visitors at the main information desk and receiving donations.
  • Guiding groups, such as schools, clubs and businesses.
  • Guardianship of exhibitions and displays.
  • Supporting key calendar events with ShelterBox.
  • Selling retail items in the Visitor Centre Café.
  • Involvement in a wide range of additional fundraising events.

David's experience

In early 2006, David Crook was travelling in Sri Lanka when he met a man who had been devastated by the Boxing Day Tsunami. He had lost his wife, a child and his tuk-tuk business and been left to raise his one year old daughter on his own.

David said: 'He had just been re-housed and proudly showed me his new home. He was one of many who had been helped by ShelterBox and he was still using his groundsheets, blankets and enamel cooking pots.

'His story inspired me and although I was already a supporter, I was determined to become a volunteer.

'In 2007 I gave my first talk as a ShelterBox Speaker and haven't stopped since. I have just done my 600th public event for ShelterBox, and have completed 150 tours around the Warehouse at Helston and at Truro HQ.

'I have spoken to groups throughout England (and even to one in Australia!) and supported large events. I've packed boxes, stuffed envelopes, made box handles and helped at training events.

'I am looking forward to the exciting challenges and opportunities that the new Visitor Centre will give me to engage further with the public and share the vision that is ShelterBox.

'I am passionate about ShelterBox and its work, believing in a world where no family should be without shelter.

'ShelterBox's aid to families devastated by disaster and conflict provides safe shelter and hope and the "glue" that enables communities to remain together.'

His story inspired me, and made me determined to become a ShelterBox volunteer.

David Crook, Visitor Centre Volunteer