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Forget politics. Help Syrian families survive.

They’ve been bombed out of their homes. They’ve escaped attacks. Hundreds of families have run for their lives and need practical help.

As you read this, ShelterBox and our partners are helping Syrian families fleeing the latest devastating attacks in Eastern Ghouta. As crying children and worried parents pour into displacement camps, we must provide aid.

Please donate now to give blankets, water carriers, solar lights, ground sheets, tents and mattresses.

Families like Souzan’s (pictured above) don’t want much – they just want to live. You can help provide the practical, life-saving items they urgently need. 

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On the ground

Helping families in Syria rebuild their lives

Right now, we're providing aid to families who have left their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

We have supported over 45,000 families affected by the conflict in Syria. But there are millions more living in Syria and neighbouring countries who have no shelter, nowhere to go, and no hope for the future.

We're working to change this. We are impatient to see a world where no family is left without shelter - but we need your support.

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A bitter war

The conflict in Syria has now entered its eighth year. What started out as a peaceful protest in 2011 has since erupted into an all-out war. 

The internationally backed power struggle between government forces and a disparate mix of opposition groups, including Islamic State, continues with no end in sight. 

After seven long years of prolonged violence, Syria's future is as uncertain now as it was when the fighting first broke out. The future of millions of families still hangs in the balance. 

I fear the continuation of the war. I want to go back to our home.

– Jumaa, a father of six