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You make a difference

In 2018 alone, you helped change the lives of over 200,000 people worldwide. 

That's people like Erti, who saw her home crumble when a powerful earthquake shook Indonesia, and Modestar, who's home was washed away by Cyclone Idai.

By taking our Great Supporter Survey, you will help us make our work more effective and reach even more people whose lives have been devastated.

We know your time is valuable and really appreciate your feedback.

Please take 15 minutes today and help change lives.

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How does filling in a survey help people after disaster? 

Your support is vital for the work we do. We cannot help families in need without it. And the more we know about how you support us and what you value, the more effectively we can communicate with both you and other likeminded people who may also wish to help families affected by disaster. 

We will use the information you provide to improve the way we talk to people, to send appeals and information that is more relevant and will ultimately generate more responses, support families in need and make the ShelterBox family bigger. To put it simply, we can help more families if more people support us. And for that to happen, we need to know who we’re talking to and what they want to hear from us.  


What happens to the information I give you?  

All data gathered by this survey is held by Critical Research on an encrypted, UK-based secure server. Critical Research will not have access to any identifying information beyond the answers to the questions and a reference number.   

After six months, Critical Research will delete the data on their server and deliver all data gathered in this survey to ShelterBox for storage in accordance with ShelterBox’s data retention policy.  

The only other personal information held will be the email address associated with the prize draw, which will be held by Critical Research until they select a winner. It will then be deleted. Unless you have won a prize, you will not be contacted as a result of taking this survey or entering the prize draw.   

Both Critical Research and ShelterBox take their data storage responsibilities very seriously, whether it contains identifying data or not. Please see our respective Privacy Policies here:ShelterBox Privacy Policy and the Critical Research Privacy Policy.  


Why are you offering a cash prize? 

In order to ensure that we get the highest response rate possible, our survey partners Critical Research are offering a small cash prize draw for people who complete the questionnaire. In their experience this makes a huge difference to response rates and encourages a wider variety of people to take part.  

The more responses there are, the more accurate the results become. Critical Research will use the information in this survey to improve the way we talk to people. For that to happen, we need to know who we’re talking to and what they want to hear from us. 

Critical Research are bound by the regulations of the Market Research Society. This prevents them from offering any ShelterBox branded items as prizes. They are instead offering three cash amounts - £100, £75 or £50: a total value of £225 - winners can choose to spend this on a family day out, donate it to ShelterBox or give it to another charity close to their heart. 


How do you spend ShelterBox money? 

Every charity has running costs - sometimes called ‘support and governance’ - which cover those essential activities that allow us to grow our support for disaster-affected families.  

We are committed to keeping our governance and support costs as low as possible while also delivering the best possible emergency shelter support.  

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Thank you

By responding to our survey, you will help us reach even more people whose lives have been devastated after disaster. 

Thank you again for your support. It really means everything for families who have nothing.

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