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On the ground

We have worked closely with ActionAid to provide families throughout Somaliland with shelter and a feeling of safety, supporting them with ShelterKits, including tarpaulins and kitchen sets.

The water filters are proving essential in combatting disease, as dwindling water sources are becoming contaminated and some parts of Somaliland are in the grip of a cholera epidemic.

Watch the video by Aaron Watts-Jones, Operations Coordinator, to learn more about our response.

Our impact in Somaliland

ActionAid, our implementing partner in Somaliland, has carried out post-distribution monitoring on our behalf.

This was held after our second round of distributions in the region, using a sample of 286 people who received our aid.

Find out more about what post-distribution monitoring is and what our findings were for Somaliland here.

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Cafe Prosperity

Cafe Prosperity ShelterBox in Somaliland

The last time we were in Somaliland was in 2009, when we were helping people displaced by conflict.

Nine years on, as our team were travelling down a bumpy, dusty desert road, they came upon a lone tent with a ShelterBox and Rotary International logo on it.

The owner of the tent, Muna Mohammed now uses the tent as a café. Muna, aged 21, has made good use of the original tent, weaving it together with other material to form a traditional Somali house. This is a new method of up-cycling we haven't seen before, and it's great to see such adaptability and resilience. 

Muna proudly told the team her tea is the best in Somaliland, she has called the café Prosperity.

You can help

Help us send aid to families like Nimo's, who are in desperate need

Hope & Strength

London based fashion photographer and director Olly Burn travelled to Somaliland, documenting the Hope & Strength of the people he met.