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Running for safety

tropical storm philippines family

Lily and her family managed to get to Jeralin’s house. Jeralin had been home sick in bed when her husband ran in and said they had to leave quickly.

The two families ran for safety together but were very frightened as the storm continued to rage on.

When the landslide hit, Jeralin told us that it felt like a big earthquake. As if the two families hadn’t already been through enough, when they were running to safety one of Jeralin’s children went missing. With tears in her eyes she explained how terrified she was in that moment.

Thankfully the family were reunited, but the community lost many people in this terrible disaster. 

Starting to rebuild

landslide philippines tropical storm

Both women said that every time it rains now, all of the memories come rushing back and they feel uneasy again.

But with their ShelterBox tent, they are safe and happy. Lily said, 'I was so happy to have a home again'.

The families from Lily and Jeralin’s village who received ShelterBox tents have now been relocated to Government housing. United by their shared experience, the two best friends and their families can look to the future and start rebuilding their lives.

With your support, we can continue to provide relief from disasters for friends like Lily and Jeralin. 

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