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Starting again

The families from Abdou’s village went in search of refuge, and were welcomed at Koulkime Two in Chad.

This is one of the camps where ShelterBox has been distributing aid with our partner, ICAHD.

Faced with our precarious situation, the support received from ShelterBox is of great help to me

vital aid

The mosquito net protects Abdou's family from diseases like malaria.

The site where Abdou’s family now live is located 5km from a river.  Unfortunately this is an ideal habitat for mosquitos, making it a prevalent area for malaria.  

Abdou said the mosquito nets provided by ShelterBox were of great help, giving them protection against diseases like malaria. 

As well as the mosquito nets, Abdou and his family received a kitchen set and solar lights.  

For Abdou and his family, ShelterBox aid has given his family a sense of relief and a chance to rebuild in a safe space – away from violence and away from fear. 

Our work in the Lake Chad Basin

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