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Tools and materials

Our ShelterKits include a variety of hardwearing tools and materials. These are customised to suit the individual needs of each community we help. 

The tools and materials we send provide families with the essentials to start rebuilding their homes straight away. These include tough tarpaulin and timber to corrugated sheeting and even room dividers.  

The versatile tools we provide help with everything from clearing rubble to building shelters and even tending crops. 

Our tools can also be used to build furniture, cut firewood and make all sorts of repairs. 

A flatlay photograph of all the items included within a ShelterKit. Spade, nails, hammer, saw, rope

Versatility of ShelterKits

Watch this video to see the versatility of ShelterKits in practice.

We provided Karolina with a ShelterKit, which was used to fix the wall of her home, after being damaged by flooding.

Our ShelterKits provide families with the necessary tools to start rebuilding their homes and their lives after a natural disaster.

ShelterKit training

A ShelterBox team has been working with a local community in Cameroon, training them on how to use our ShelterKits.

These community members will then go on to train other members of their community.

Watch this video to see our aid and specific tips and techniques, like how to secure a tarpaulin. 

How ShelterKits change lives

Rebuilding after the Nepal earthquakes

After their home had been lost to the earthquakes ShelterBox helped Surya Maya Danwar and her family seek desperately needed shelter.

Recovery in Dominica

How 81-year-old Simon started rebuilding his life with the help of ShelterBox after Hurricane Maria.

Answering prayers in the Philippines

With ShelterKits, our team showed Mercedes and Valentin how they could build resilient shelters to protect themselves from future storms in the Philippines.