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Thousands in danger

Around 688,000 people have entered Bangladesh since August 2017, and more continue to arrive each week.

After the worst flooding that Bangladesh has seen in decades, these families have been forced to set up makeshift camps in crowded conditions. They are extremely vulnerable, having already experienced severe trauma.

Many left their homes with nothing and we know that they desperately need shelter, lighting, and water.

Now cyclone season is on the way and could wash away the flimsy shelters, leaving thousands in danger once again.

We have supported 4,000 families with blankets for warmth, tarpaulins, rope for shelter, solar lights and water carriers, which allows them to collect essential drinking water.

We're impatient to send aid - wherever we're needed in the world - but we need your help.

Inside Cox's Bazar

ShelterBox volunteer, Liz Odell speaks from Cox's Bazar, October 2017. 

'Conditions are dire. Most people are living in flimsy plastic shelters, they have no possessions - just the clothes they were wearing when they left Myanmar. Once cyclone season arrives, these shelters are at risk of washing away.

We are impatient to see a world where no family is left without shelter - but we need your support.

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Guljar's story

Rohingya crisis in Bagladesh

This is Guljar. She and her family are among half a million Rohingya who have suffered decades of violence and persecution in Myanmar.

They decided to leave their home and head to Bangladesh. ‘At midnight we cooked up all the rice we had along with some pickle. We left in the early hours of the morning under the cover of darkness.’

After spending days and nights out in the open they arrived at one of the Bangladesh camps that have sprung up in the Cox’s Bazar region.

Read more of her story

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