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Thousands in danger

Since August 25, thousands of families have been crossing the border into Bangladesh to escape sectarian violence in Myanmar.

Around 800,000 people have entered Bangladesh since August, making this the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world.

After the worst flooding that Bangladesh has seen in decades, these families are being forced to set up makeshift camps in a sea of mud. They are extremely vulnerable, having already experienced severe trauma. 

Now cyclone season is on the way and could wash away the flimsy shelters, leaving thousands in danger once again. With more flooding in Nepal, the earthquake in Mexico and hurricanes devastating the Caribbean, families around the world desperately need shelter. 

We have an experienced team on the ground working hard with local Rotary contacts and partners to help as many families as possible. Many left their homes with nothing and we know that they desperately need shelter, lighting, and water.

We're impatient to send aid - wherever we're needed in the world - but we need your help. 

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On the ground

We have a team in Bangladesh, working with Rotary contacts, authorities and other aid organisations to understand if we might be able to help those who have lost everything.

ShelterBox volunteer, Liz Odell is on the ground in Cox's Bazar. 'Conditions are dire. Most people are living in flimsy plastic shelters and the paths between them are oozing mud. They have no possessions - just the clothes they were wearing when they left Myanmar. Once cyclone season arrives, these shelters will wash away. It's a race against time to save lives.

We urgently need your help to respond to the desperate need in Bangladesh and other live emergencies. 

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