You are here: Recovery starts with Shelter

Chris Warham, Chief Executive of ShelterBox said,

“These numbers are shocking and unacceptable. Shelter is a basic human right. It is essential for survival and without it, the long process of recovering from such huge trauma cannot start. We must do more to help families recover from the worst days of their lives.”



Theory of Change graphic

Our theory of change shows the vital importance that shelter can make to survival. It shows that shelter: 

  • Protects against the elements like hot sun, bitter cold, or torrential rain. 
  • Protects from infectious disease and dangerous animals.  
  • Keeps families and communities together so they can support each other.  
  • Increases personal safety and security. 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.  
  • Provides privacy and dignity.  
  • Gives families a place to live and structure to rebuild their lives.