ShelterBox Operations Philippines

ShelterBox Operations Philippines is a non-government organisation (NGO) that aims to provide emergency shelter for families affected by disasters in the Philippines.

The Philippines is one of the world’s worst disaster-affected countries. On average, we respond there nearly twice a year to disasters like cyclones and earthquakes.

That’s why we have set up ShelterBox Operations Philippines, a locally registered NGO that is supported and guided by ShelterBox Operations HQ in the UK.

Recent responses

Philippines: Typhoon Goni

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Philippines Typhoon Vongfong (Ambo)

We’ve been supporting disaster-hit families with essential aid to enable them to rebuild their homes and protect from coronavirus

Taal Volcano Eruption in the Philippines

We have supported families who lost their homes and have been left vulnerable to coronavirus

Our aid in the Philippines

Map of Cebu in the Philippines

We have aid locally stored in the province of Cebu, in the Central Visayas region.

We plan to hold stock to support around 3,000 households. We typically hold aid items such as shelter kits, tents, and other aid items such as water carriers, mosquito nets and solar lights.

We also hold stock of other more durable items such as corrugated iron and typhoon strapping. These can be used to support our more typical emergency shelter items and help support self-recovery.

As with every ShelterBox response, we carefully select and distribute aid. This is based on our experience from previous responses within the country, the suitability of the items for the area, and – most importantly – what local communities tell us they need.

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Working with Rotary

As with all of our responses around the world, Rotarians are instrumental in helping us deliver aid to families in need.

Rotary is a key partner to ShelterBox Operations Philippines and we’re working closely with local Rotarians to help us establish strong relationships with communities and the government, to promote our work in the country.

Rotary have also been greatly helpful in helping us set up the warehouse in Cebu.

Our partnership with Rotary

Meet the staff

ShelterBox Operations Philippines staff members

ShelterBox Operations Philippines currently employs two members of staff, based in Cebu.

Marilou Pia – Country Manager, focuses on all aspects of managing our operations office, ensuring the organisation is as prepared as possible to respond when events happen. Marilou joins us with over 25 years NGO and humanitarian experience, working with both local and international agencies.

Rose Placencia – Community Development Manager, works around all aspects of community engagement, including delivering community-based training and undertaking post-distribution monitoring following the end of our responses. Rose has over seven years of experience in Community Development from the government and International NGOs across different regions in the Philippines.


ShelterBox Operations Philippines* is governed by a board of five, with three members from the Philippines and two members from ShelterBox UK’s executive team:

Guiller Tumangan – Chairman

Jose Mari Tirol – Corporate Secretary

Francis Initorio – Treasurer

Michael Johns – Trustee (and ShelterBox Finance Director)

Darren Moss – Trustee (and ShelterBox Operations Director)


*SEC registration number CN201720528 in the name ShelterBox Operations Philippines Inc.

*Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Tax Identification Number (TIN) 009-713-317-00000 in the name ShelterBox Operations Philippines

Why do we need ShelterBox Operations Philippines?

ShelterBox has responded in the Philippines more frequently than any other country – an average of nearly twice a year between 2004 and 2019. Have a look at more key stats here.

In the past we have used our usual model, sending teams of international volunteers to import aid.

This worked well until Typhoon Haiyan hit in 2013. After this disaster, importing aid into the Philippines has become much more difficult for international charities.

The Philippine Government has also become less likely to declare an official state of emergency, making it considerably more challenging for ShelterBox to import the vital aid families need. The government strongly favours agencies that are registered and present in the Philippines, as well as preferring agencies who procure aid items from within the country.

ShelterBox Operations Philippine is a locally registered NGO that is supported and guided by ShelterBox Operations HQ in the UK. We set it up so that we can help the families who need us as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Have a look at a timeline with our main responses in the country.

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Our work in the Philippines

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