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Facing a deadly winter

Whilst we’re feeling the chill here in the UK, in Syria temperatures are below freezing. The threat of hypothermia and frostbite is very real for vulnerable families left without a place to call home.

Even after surviving years of conflict, the cold may be the most dangerous thing Om, Abo and their two children have ever had to face – unless they find shelter and a means to stay warm.

Having escaped the clutches of Islamic State, the couple endured a gruelling journey for 15 days through the wilderness to reach this camp. They were hoping for warmth and safety – but their hopes were dashed.

The wind destroyed our previous tent,’ Om told us. ‘We don’t have any kitchen equipment either. If we want to cook food here, we have to collect wood and leaves and set fire to them.’

To have any hope of surviving the winter, families like Om and Abo’s need shelter capable of withstanding the fierce weather and a way to stay warm from the deadly climate – and they need it soon.

Please respond. Right now. Give warmth, safety and protection to families like Om and Abo’s and others around the world in time for winter. 

Urgent Appeal

ShelterBox supports children and families around the world

This winter many families who have been forced to flee their homes will find themselves in the wilderness without shelter, at risk of hypothermia and death.

At ShelterBox we cut through the red tape. We cross boundaries and go the extra mile. We're ready to respond at the first sign of disaster or conflict.

From our HQ in Cornwall, we monitor the globe for disasters. When they strike, we travel to the heart of the crisis at the earlierst opportunity.

We need your support

Will you help families like Om and Abo's stay warm this winter by supporting our work today? Your support could help get ShelterBox aid to families all around the world. 

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