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2016 - July, August, September

ShelterBox biggest-ever presence at WOMAD

28 July 2016

Glamping, interactive displays, even a coffee lounge! Come and visit our WOMAD team

Aleppo city in a stranglehold

27 July 2016

An estimated 300,000 civilians, 60% of them women and children, are caught in the crossfire with little food or water.   

Tim Bridgman's 37,000 mile global cycle

24th July 2016

A bittersweet journey reaches its end over two years since tragedy struck

2016 - April, May, June

Standing by to respond to Japan earthquake

15 April 2016

At least nine people dead, 250 injured after the quake and aftershocks toppled buildings

Target beaten on 24 hour run

12 April 2016

Wanda and Jamie beat their fundraising target on 24 hour run around Loe Bar

Mountaineer tackles 'dangerous peak' for ShelterBox

08 April 2016

Mountaineer Brian Jackson and a colleague climb Omi Tso Go on the Nepal / Tibet border