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2016 - July, August, September

ShelterBox may help Italy's farmers recover from quake

26 August 2016

ShelterBoxes may be ideal to help quake-damaged farms and vineyards, saving a delicate rural economy 


25 August 2016

Journalists and bystanders advised to leave Amatrice as ‘the town is crumbling’ with further tremors

ShelterBox sends team to Italy quake

24 August 2016

An assessment team will be in Italy within 24 hours, aid on standby to help

2016 - April, May, June

A message from Nepal

24 April 2016

ShelterBox supporter Deborah Holden writes one year after Everest’s most deadly day

ShelterBox team in Ecuador

23 April 2016

Death toll rises and disease fears grow as ShelterBox travels to quake zone to assess need

Liberation anniversary approaches

22 April 2016

A moving personal account of life in Dachau concentration camp is published, supporting ShelterBox

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