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Stand with women after disaster

As women around the world flee disasters, they are often left homeless and vulnerable.

After disaster, all forms of violence against women increase. Women experience higher death rates, are more impoverished, have less education, and are more likely to make sacrifices for their family like eating less food. They make impossible decisions - to flee their homes, to carry children on long journeys, to survive. They face the unimaginable, and yet they protect their families and keep communities alive.  

Last year we helped thousands of women, supporting them to rebuild their homes and their lives.

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She is Stella.

She is a farmer. She is strong. She works hard to protect her family.

When heavy rains destroyed Stella’s home in Malawi, she didn’t know how she was going to protect her five daughters and elderly mother.

Then Stella received a ShelterKit.

With the tools inside, she rebuilt her home. She used the tarpaulin to strengthen the roof. Then she put the hoe to work, tilling the land to grow rice.

In the face of disaster, Stella showed incredible personal strength. With ShelterBox aid items, she rebuilt her home and the threads of everyday life.

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She is Ana.

She is tough. She is wise. She is resilient. 

In Mozambique, Ana’s home was destroyed by Cyclone Dineo. The storm took everything from her. Her neighbours took her in, but she could not stay with them forever. 

Then ShelterBox delivered ShelterKits to Ana’s community. 

With hammers, nails and materials, Ana and her neighbours were able to rebuild their homes. 

Even though her house had been completely flattened, Ana was resilient.

With the help of ShelterBox and her community, she got back up and rebuilt her home. 

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She is Fatnizar.

She is a mother. She is a seamstress. She is her own boss. 

When a terrifying earthquake and a devastating tsunami hit Sulawesi in Indonesia, it wasn’t just Fatnizar’s home that was destroyed. It was her whole village. 

For one whole month, Fatnizar kept a brave face for her children as they slept in a field with 121 other families. 

That’s when ShelterBox delivered life-changing tents, water filters and mosquito nets. 

Fatnizar didn’t just gain a place to call home, she gained a workplace so she could return to work as a seamstress. 

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