Stories from Cameroon

Meet the families living in Minawao camp

Adija Ali

‘My goal is to become a doctor and with the provision of a solar light from ShelterBox, I’ve been able to continue my studies at night.’

After Boko Haram attacked her village, Adija fled with her family to Mokolo in Cameroon. It is from here they were able to travel to Minawao refugee camp where ShelterBox has supported over 2,568 families so far.

Adija has been living in a ShelterBox tent for almost a year now. She goes to school in the camp and helps her mother with keeping their tent clean and tidy. Adija’s dream is to become a doctor. By simply using her solar light, she can keep working towards this incredible goal.

There is a great feeling of community here in the camp, I like it here.

People in front of a ShelterBox tent in Cameroon
Adija Ali received a ShelterBox tent when she arrived at Minawo Camp.


‘Back in Nigeria I worked in agriculture, I now work for IEDA Relief installing the ShelterBox tents in the camp.

My village suffered an attack by the Boko Haram insurgents. We were displaced many times, first to a village called Boya then to another and another because we just did not feel safe.

It was on the third time we had to move that we heard of a refugee camp in Cameroon. We arrived at the camp where we were able to stay in a collective centre.

We were here for three months – it was hard as my family were separated by gender, so we could not be together to sit down and discuss private family matters, it was such a difficult time in so many ways.

Then, IEDA Relief started working in the camp in partnership with ShelterBox to bring family shelters to the refugees.

The items we received had such a profound effect for me and my family at that time of great need, and have been an enormous help to us.

The solar light for instance, after school my kids can use it for studying or play outside after dark. It’s these little day to day things that make a massive difference to us in the camp. The groundsheets too, they give us some comfort and make the tent feel more like a home.

It means the world to be able to be together as a family once again, it’s with assistance like this that we feel we may just be able to recover and start life again…after everything.

We will never forget what ShelterBox has done for us.’

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‘As a family man I can say that this way of life is not easy.

It is important for me to feel useful to the community I live within and to provide sustainably for my family.

I had to flee to the Cameroonian border when Boko Haram attacked our village, luckily, UNHCR were there to pick us up and transport us to the camp.

Here in Minawao, we have a ShelterBox tent and I love the blankets we have been given. We now have a warm place to rest our heads.

I am so grateful to ShelterBox donors who are continuing to help refugees like us.’

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