Noor's story

37-year-old Noor lives in a camp in Syria with her husband and children. Before they fled their home, the family were cattle farmers.

The family lost everything when so called Islamic State (ISIS) took control.​ ​With their entire livelihood gone, the family had no choice but to leave their home.

ShelterBox tents in Syria

‘When we arrived at the camp, there were many displaced families, one family offered us a space in their tent until we got a shelter of our own. They were very kind, we were hosted by them for a short time, and then [ShelterBox] came and gave us a tent and told us that it’s ours from now on.’

Noor told us how much of a difference the tent made to their family. Her children were especially pleased.

‘My children rejoiced a lot and they were very excited, they jumped with joy, and drew a circle on the sands around the tent and said jokingly, this is our house now. Thank you so much for this valuable help’.

Noor’s 10-year-old son Adnan told us: ‘I am happy here, and I currently have new friends. Me and my family also have our own tent…so everything is good.’

Since 2011, more than 11.4 million people have been forced from their homes in Syria. Some have sought safety in neighbouring countries, while others have fled to the inhospitable desert or remain trapped in ruined city streets.

With shifting front lines and extreme conditions to contend with, this has been one of ShelterBox’s largest, longest and most complex responses. But our global networks and the tangibility of our aid has given us the flexibility to support families in need across the region.

Thanks to ongoing Rotary support, we will continue to work with local partners in Syria to support families like Noor’s. We will continue to provide the practical help people need to survive.

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Syrian woman in yellow headscarf lifts ShelterBox aid

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