A safe space after the earthquake in Indonesia

Fatnizar and her family received vital ShelterBox aid after an earthquake and tsunami flattened their home

Fatnizar lives with her family in Tondo village, Sirenja, Donggala.

When a powerful earthquake struck central Sulawesi in September 2018, Fatnizar’s home was completely destroyed.

Makeshift shelter in Indonesia

Many of the homes in her neighbourhood survived the earthquake, only to be swept away moments later by the deadly tsunami that followed.

With no home to go back to, Fatnizar had to relocate with her husband and four children to a football field, five kilometres away from her home.

They were not alone; 121 families in total took refuge in this field across from a school. Fatnizar’s family shared a space under a large tarpaulin with fifteen other families.

When we met Fatnizar, the newly formed community had been living there for a month.

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Slowly returning to normal life

With help from the Indonesian Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), and our local Rotary partners, we were able to support families with tents, mosquito nets, water filters and carriers.

Fatnizar used to work as a seamstress from her home, creating custom clothing. When the earthquake took her dwelling, it also closed her two-year-old business.

When we returned a week after we had provided the family with a tent, we found Fatnizar sewing under the awning of a ShelterBox tent.

The tent not only provided a more private and secure space for Fatnizar and her family, but also the opportunity for her to get back to work.

A woman using a sewing machine in her shelter

We'll never stop

Disasters don't stop, and neither do we

In 2018 we responded twice in Indonesia, helping hundreds of families like Fatniza’s with vital shelter aid. Read more about our response.

Our work in Indonesia

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