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Shelter all year round

Help give shelter to people like Guljar 365 days a year

Since August 25 2017, thousands of families have been crossing the border into Bangladesh to escape sectarian violence in Myanmar.

Guljar and her family are among over 655,000 Rohingya who have fled in fear, making this the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world.

ShelterBox is working with a cluster of other non-governmental organisations on a co-ordinated aid programme, but the numbers needing help are challenging.

ShelterBox has partnered with the International Organisation for Migration to distribute solar lights, water carriers, blankets, tarpaulins and lengths of rope, all of which will support 4,000 households in Cox’s Bazar District.

We will continue to work hard with local Rotary contacts and partners, to reinforce shelters and fill remaining aid gaps, in line with the wider shelter cluster strategy.