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This Lent, we invite you and your congregation to help us provide shelter for a family in need. 

The support we received from Christian groups for nearly twenty years has meant we have been able to help over a million people in desperate need, to recover from disaster.  

For the people of Sulawesi who are still coming to terms with the effects of the recent earthquake and tsunami, a tent means more than just a place to stay. It is a sanctuary from chaos, a safe comfortable haven to sleep in, a chance for families to regain their privacy, and a space to take stock.  

A specially designed ShelterBox tent costs £317. You and your congregation can choose how to fundraise this amount or more. Other supporters have come up with ideas like: 

  • Lent lunches 
  • Collections 
  • Jumble sales, tombolas, cake sales 
  • Sponsored events, e.g. How long can Shaun go without polo mints?

Every penny and pound you raise will help us to provide tents and other aid items, such as solar lights, water filtration, blankets, pots and pans. 


When families can’t start rebuilding their homes immediately, we supply large, sturdy tents that can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures.  

Like us, our range of aid is adaptable. We don’t just supply one type of tent, but a variety.  

From specially lined tents that can safely accommodate a stove, to medium-sized tents that fit in small spaces and ones that can last years if needed, we’ve got it covered.  

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ShelterBox is a disaster relief charity providing shelter to families who have lost their homes to conflict or natural disaster.  

We are made up of people who believe in shelter as human right - that shelter from the chaos of disaster and conflict is vital. No ifs. No buts.  

Our boxes and kits are packed full of the essential supplies that families need to rebuild homes and transform their lives.