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Simply sign up for a £10 monthly donation to support families struck by disaster and get an educational activity pack in the post every six weeks.

Join today and the lucky recipient will become a ShelterBox Explorer, learning about the communities ShelterBox has supported.

Perfect for children aged 6-11.

How does it work?

1. Sign up to a £10 monthly donation to support families struck by disaster and we will send your child an educational activity pack in the post, every six weeks for a year.

2. Each issue focuses on a different country ShelterBox has responded in and is packed full of puzzles, fact files, recipes, papercraft and more!

3. 100% of the proceeds go towards supporting families who have lost their home to disaster.

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  • Your first issue comes with a world wall map
  • A magazine every six weeks, packed full of activities
  • A letter from the Head Explorer
  • Each issue comes with stickers

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Who you're supporting

young girl in yellow dress in the philippines

All the proceeds from your donation go towards supporting families like Dharline’s.

Dharline was only three when Typhoon Vongfong took away her home in the Philippines.

Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to respond quickly. We provided her family with shelter and essential items, like a cooking set and solar light, so they could start rebuilding their home and their lives.

Dharline’s mum, Nelicie told us: ‘Home is very important to us, for our own protection and my children’s. Home for me is also an avenue for us to learn to live on our own and to take care of our own children.’

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