A life-changing gift

Read how mosquito nets helped Falmata’s family protect themselves from disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Falmata and her husband are originally from Nigeria, where they used to live. Life was simple and peaceful for them and their seven children. They lived comfortably in their own home, and they enjoyed being within a close-knit community.

But in 2017, their life was turned upside down when Boko Haram attacked their village. The extremist group wreaked havoc, killing the men and destroying people’s homes. Falmata’s husband was one of the few men in their village to survive the killings.

For Falmata, the violence she lived through that day was like a bad film she will never forget. She recalls:

I still have the memory of the day, the hour, what I was doing. They destroyed our village. They were raping girls and killing people, especially men. I started crying and then I ran as fast as I could.

Escaping Boko Haram

The family lost everything that day – their home, their community, their livelihoods. They ran, without looking back, eventually settling in Minawao camp in Cameroon.

They were given a tent, which gave them the space they needed to be together as a family and maintain their privacy and dignity. The shelter allowed them to breathe again, but their nightmare was far from over.

This time, the enemy would come along with the rainy season. And it would be smaller in size than they’d ever imagined.

Disease-bearing mosquitoes were a serious problem for the family, who didn’t know how to protect themselves. As a result, Falmata’s children became dangerously ill with malaria.

“My husband and I tried so many times to find solutions against the mosquito bites. In my village, we used firewood smoke. But we could not do it here because of the material of the tents”.

Falmata with her children in front of her ShelterBox tent after escaping Boko Haram in Nigeria

Relief from malaria

Falmata with mosqutio net after escaping Boko Haram in Nigeria

We supported the family with aid items, including mosquito nets, which were a great relief for Falmata. She finally has a way to protect her children from mosquitoes.

We spent so much money for drugs and seeing the children sick was not easy for us.

I feel better knowing that my family are protected from malaria, and I’m grateful for the donors who have helped us. ​ The difference is clear now – when we use mosquito nets, there is less malaria.

Help make this rainy season easier

As you read this, thousands of families like falmata’s are at risk of malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

In the face of devastating disasters, help us make this one less thing for people to worry about. Just £25 can buy five mosquito nets, enough to help families protect from malaria and other vector-borne diseases.