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Igniting people’s curiosity and capturing imaginations

Capture imagination

By giving talks to a wide range of audiences, including schools, universities and community groups, our speakers engage people in the story of ShelterBox and encourage fundraising across the UK.

Chris & Annie

Chris, Annie and 4 children with a ShelterBox

Chris and Annie give talks to community and school groups, generating leads for talks in their local network and deliver training sessions for new volunteers. We spoke to them and asked their thoughts about volunteering for ShelterBox.

What inspired you to volunteer?

‘The fact that it was a charity based in the South West, had a simple message, and aimed for a speedy response to disasters across the world. We have travelled widely and have seen, for example, the impact of the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka and Sumatra.

Volunteering is a way of trying to do something positive about what we have seen. The feeling that you are doing something which benefits others.’

What do you enjoy the most about volunteering for ShelterBox?

‘Working together as a couple and with such an inspiring organisation. ‘Getting out there ‘ and getting into conversation with people we wouldn’t otherwise come across.’

What has been the most surprising thing about volunteering?

‘Working in schools, both primary and secondary, where we have found the children to be very well informed about disasters, through their curriculum learning. This has made it exciting for us to engage with them about the human impact of disaster and conflict, through stories and role play.’

Describe what volunteering for ShelterBox means to you in one word.

‘Fulfilling (and fun!)’

Is there one memory that stands out for you about volunteering?

‘Taking part in an evening of poetry, drama, and music (co-ordinated by another volunteer) which evoked the emotional and physical impact of losing one’s home.’

Tigger's story

Curled up upon a mattress on sweltering day in Kathmandu because of too much spicy food, Tigger was pondering his future life goals and he wanted to ‘give something back’. Thinking of options, his mind kept coming back to ShelterBox. That’s how it all started for Tigger Pritchard.

Tigger said: ‘My career features a lot of public speaking, I’m very passionate about what I do, and I realised I had a passion and a belief about what ShelterBox do also. The ethics, the beauty of that “green box”, the essence of ShelterBox all resonated with me. So, volunteering as a speaker seemed a natural use of my skills.

‘It’s been a while now, and I am continually amazed by the response from people I engage with, that moment when individuals in the room realise the impact ShelterBox has and the positive ripple effect it has upon families and communities.

‘ShelterBox is a huge worldwide family, with many individuals in many different roles, each as important as the next. I’m proud to be part of something that really does make a difference.

‘ShelterBox provides me with a real, tangible, hands on way of “giving something back”. I believe this is what people see and realise during presentations, and that gives me such a buzz.’

Being part of this worldwide family gives me a bit of faith back in humanity. I love it!

Tigger Pritchard, ShelterBox Speaker


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