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Immerse yourself into the world of disaster relief for 24hrs

Families lose their homes, their belongings and everything they hold dear is destroyed. What if this was you? What would it take to rebuild your home and life? 

Join us for a camp out with a difference, and find out how emergency shelter helps families recover after disaster. A ShelterBox tent will be your home for 24 hours, as your team takes part in challenges and learns about the families we support.

Your team of 4 will be immersed in the world of international disaster relief for 24 hours, where your support will be making a huge difference to families worldwide.

Please contact us for more information.

Thank you to Heritage Parts Centre who have made this event possible.

Before we got a private tent for us as a family, the life was unbearable, neither me or anyone else was able to sleep comfortable at night …Now with our own tent and household items, the situation is better. At least we can feel comfortable and warm at night… it's like a palace for me.”

- Asala, 14 years old, Syria

Why ShelterBox?

Every year, 85 million people are left without a place to call home after disaster.

Shelter is more than just a roof – it’s the space to share family meals again, the place to restart education or work, a sense of normality after so much disruption.

By providing emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by disaster, we're transforming despair into hope.

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