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For Volunteers’ Week, we are celebrating our amazing volunteers

Our volunteers

Tigger, a ShelterBox volunteer

This is Tigger. Tigger is a Sign Language, Autism & Communicator Trainer volunteer for ShelterBox. 

Curled up upon a mattress on a sweltering day in Kathmandu because of too much spicy food, he was pondering his future life goals and wanted to ‘give something back’. So he decided to volunteer for ShelterBox.

Tigger spends some of his free time speaking on behalf of ShelterBox, as well as helping with community events. He has been part of our wonderful team of volunteers for the last three years. That was Tigger’s very first experience with volunteering!

Tigger feels a sense of achievement every time he shares ShelterBox’s vision with other people.

For Tigger, it’s truly wonderful to be able to share the ShelterBox stories and amaze people and children. He enjoys seeing people going ahead and doing something on their own to make a positive change in the world.

This is Chris and Annie. They are both parts of our wonderful team of volunteer speakers and trainers for new volunteers.

Chris and Annie have been part of our amazing team of volunteers for the past two years.

ShelterBox’s vision resonated with the couple, and it inspired them to make a positive difference in the world. Seeing first-hand the results of the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka motivated them to do something about it.

Both have managed, through volunteering, to inspire more people to support ShelterBox. A brilliant example is the case of a nine-year-old pupil who was so inspired by their talk, that he took the initiative to organize a fundraising football match!

For Chris and Annie, volunteering for ShelterBox has given them the opportunity to work together towards something truly wonderful.

For Chris and Annie, home means stability, comfort, security.

Chris and Annie on a bridge
Lauren, a young female ShelterBox volunteer

Meet Lauren – one of our youngest volunteers! Lauren has been volunteering with us since April 2018, and her role is to assist the Supporter Care team at Truro HQ. 

Lauren has been eager to volunteer for ShelterBox since she was 17, but sadly, we can only accept volunteers over the age of 18!

After spending some time travelling overseas, Lauren was inspired to volunteer for ShelterBox. She was also curious to get a better understanding of the humanitarian sector.

Lauren is no new to ShelterBox and our vision – she heard about the charity whilst in school and through visits from our speakers.

For Lauren, the ShelterBox Visitor Centre truly brings the ShelterBox story to life – she especially enjoys how children here can learn and have fun at the same time.

For Lauren, home is a space to come back to together with your family.

This is Howard. Howard volunteers for ShelterBox as a District Coordinator and Speaker.  

Member of the Rotary Club of Christchurch, Howard has been volunteering with us for six years! He was inspired to volunteer with ShelterBox after realizing that there are people all around the world who experience real, life-threatening challenges.

One of Howard’s greatest achievements is his 1200-mile travel as part of a fundraising challenge. He took up 23 activities in total which took nearly 200 hours to complete!

Howard shares the same vision and values as ShelterBox. Volunteering for us gives him an opportunity to help people in need, and a platform to spread our message.

For Howard, volunteering for ShelterBox gives him hope that others might be inspired and support our cause.

Howard, a ShelterBox volunteer
Alan Jones in his caravan

This is Alan. Alan’s role as a volunteer is versatile and diverse – he is a District Coordinator and Trainer, as well as a public speaker.

What inspired Alan to volunteer with ShelterBox was a visit from a Dutch affiliate to his local Rotary Club.

From the very first year of his time with ShelterBox, in 2011, he was incredibly active, giving talks on behalf of ShelterBox.

Alan’s greatest achievement was a fundraising event that he organized with his Rotary Club. They managed to raise a whopping amount of £4000!

Alan also says that he particularly enjoys talking to children about ShelterBox, as he is often entertained by their fascination and mischievous questions.

For Alan, the evolution of ShelterBox over the years has been exceptional, as the charity changes for the better.

For Alan, home is where life begins.

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