40 days. 100 tents.

This Lent, what will you give up to give shelter?

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Join our life-changing community – give up one thing this Lent and help raise enough money to provide tents and other shelter essentials to over 100 families

What will you give up for 40 days? From chocolate to cake, flat whites to Facebook, by giving up something for Lent and raising money in aid of ShelterBox, you can help families to stay safe and start again.

In the face of this coronavirus crisis, emergency shelter means more than ever – and many more people need our help.

Every penny we raise together could give a family a home, and with a home comes a powerful sense of new hope.

Pledge your support now

We urgently need to be there for more families after disaster. Please support our Tent for Lent appeal and help to collectively raise enough to support over 100 families, delivering tents or shelter essentials to people made homeless by disasters. The money we raise together will help families wherever the need is greatest and enable us to provide aid appropriate to the needs of each community.

Your support helps us to empower families to rebuild their homes and lives.

How your support helps

Here’s some examples of the money you could raise and how it helps:

  • Give up a daily chocolate bar and raise £24 which could provide a family with a sleeping mat and thermal blankets
  • Give up your morning takeaway coffee and raise £47 which could provide a family with a water filter giving them access to clean drinking water
  • Come together as a group and raise £385 which could provide a family with a tent, a space for a family to call home

How can I fundraise?

  • Set up your JustGiving page and start fundraising now. Share your challenge with friends and family and ask them to support you.
  • Donate the money you would have spent on the item you give up here
  • Hold a virtual collection with your congregation or community. Set up your online collection page here


- Asala, aged 14, from Syria

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How your support makes a difference

Lent 2019 began on the 6th March; by the 14th Cyclone Idai had made landfall causing devastating floods. 125,000 people lost their homes, parents and children were separated. We worked with our partners Habitat for Humanity Malawi to provide emergency shelter for families affected.

Shelter is more than the aid items distributed it is a process of recovery.

Meet Stephano and Mary, their family, and community members who are now on the road to recovery.

More about the tent

When families can’t start rebuilding their homes immediately, we supply large, sturdy tents that can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures.  

Like us, our range of aid is adaptable. We don’t just supply one type of tent, but a variety.

From specially lined tents that can safely accommodate a stove, to medium-sized tents that fit in small spaces and ones that can last years if needed, we’ve got it covered.

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A man is building a permanent shelter in Dominica, next to his temporary ShelterBox tent.