Beat the box

One night. One box.

Can your family make it through a whole night with nothing but the contents of a small box? Help us raise money for families robbed of their homes by disaster.

Can you beat the box?

This summer, can your family Beat the Box and make it through a whole evening, night and following morning with nothing but the contents of a small box?

Beat the Box is an exciting new event from ShelterBox that puts your family to the ultimate summer challenge – all while raising money to provide shelter for families robbed of their homes by disaster.

How does it work? Simply pick a box – any size that’s small enough for you to carry – and pack in the essentials you’ll need to make it through the night. It’s up to you where you spend the night and what you pack in your box. Just remember – once it’s packed, there’s no going back.

When you sign up to Beat the Box, you can donate your own money or collect sponsorship from family and friends. Your donations will then provide disaster relief across the globe and deliver the essentials people need to rebuild their lives.

young boy with an empty box with a sign saying beat the box

Ellie harrison challenges you to take part

Ellie Harrison sat holding a chalk board #Beat the box

What essentials do you need to survive?! We want to challenge you and your family to pack a box and spend the evening, night and follow morning living with just those things. You could go camping, or you could spend the evening at home or with friends – but whatever you do, once the box is packed, there’s no going back!

“There are millions of families around the world who have lost everything, including loved ones as well as their homes, and their livelihoods. Take part in Beat the Box, have fun and raise loads of money to help vulnerable families rebuild their lives.”

What will you pack?

Across the world, more than 88 million people have been made homeless by natural disaster and conflict. Fleeing their homes, they often only have the clothes on their back. At ShelterBox, we provide them with a container of essentials they need to survive.

When you take on the challenge to Beat the Box, what will your family put in it to make it through a whole evening, night and next morning? Teddy bear or torch? Can you live without your chocolate, or is your book a night time essential?

Wetwipes, mobile phones, toothpaste, hair brush – but what about food and drink? Can you squeeze a cooking stove into your container, or will you pack some sandwiches, cake and crisps? And can you really face the dawn without your morning coffee?

Once you’ve packed, you can’t go back so only take what you really, really need.


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The Orme family diary

From choosing a box to deciding what’s going to go in it, take a look at how the orme family are planning their beat the box night.


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