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Why is engagement important?

Employee satisfaction - Engaged staff are invested in the success of their company.

Productivity - Going the extra mile.

Recruitment and Retention -  Significantly lowers employee turnover.

Innovation - Added level of passion and interest in their job

Profitability - More productive and efficient while reducing the cost of recruitment, affecting your bottom line – KPMG, 2017

  • 55% of millennials are not engaged at work – Gallup 2016
  • 43% of millennials expect to leave their job within 2 years.
  • Only 28% expect to stay for 5 years. – Deloitte, 2018
  • 70% of employees say they would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to important issues. – Giving Force, 2018
  • 37% felt more connected to their company culture when they had the opportunity to participate in charitable events. – Entrepreneur, 2018

How can ShelterBox help?

We form mutually beneficial tailor-made corporate partnerships that focus on staff engagement, attracting talent and driving down staff turn-over.

We can send staff members on evaluation deployments post-disaster to see and measure the impact that the partnership has created, creating engaging a rewarding content for the whole of your staff.

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ShelterBox training

We have a wide range of campaigns, events, and training opportunities to roll out to staff.

On top of this, we provide compelling content and regular impact measurements to update your staff on how they are helping families who have lost their homes to disaster.

Our ShelterBox Way training days offer a unique view into the world of disaster response, led by our incredible ShelterBox Response Team voluteers who are at the forefront of what we do. 

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We have proven success in enhancing staff engagement in our partnerships with Aggreko and Beazley Furlong Ltd.

After working with Beazley Furlonge Ltd - a FTSE 250 insurance company - to engage staff globally, 78 percent agreed their employer was socially responsible and 83 percent felt CSR was the number one priority for the company to maintain.

Since the Aggreko partnership began in 2018, they have seen an 11% increase in staff engagement (measured through their employee engagement survey).

Laura Miller, Communications Business Partner at Aggreko says:

Whilst we cannot know for sure the rationale behind this change in quantitative score, this is a significant increase and I’m convinced it’s no coincidence that we see it following the announcement of our partnership with ShelterBox and the disasters we have supported them with.

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Please email our Corporate Partnerships Executive Henry Thompson to discuss how a bespoke partnership can better engage your staff.

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Strategic partnership with Aggreko

Our corporate partnership with Aggreko helps us make a greater impact on the lives of families who have been affected by disaster and conflict.

The Audley Travel camp out

Camping in tents with colleagues to better understand the ShelterBox cause.

Airbnb Human off-site

As part of their partnership, ShelterBox supported Airbnb's Human Team with annual team off-site in 2019.