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There was such a strong sense of team during the Lab and it impacted relationships moving forward.

Jennifer McMinn, Senior Project Manager, CenterLine Digital.


Centerline Digital is a digital marketing agency that works with world-leading brands. They have been donating strategic and creative services to ShelterBox USA as a part of a mutually beneficial volunteering partnership. 

 Centerline Digital was looking for creative, inspiring and relevant volunteering opportunities that leveraged skills and expertise for positive impact and provided learning and development opportunities.  

 We teamed up with them to deliver a 48-hour non-stop creative lab that rallied the whole company and produced as many creative assets as possible in such a short space of time.

Key achievements

  • $155K total donations received during the timeframe of the event promotion, thanks to the big media exposure.
  • Improved cross-functional teamwork and boosted staff engagement for CenterLine Digital.
  • Amazing videos like this which ShelterBox benefits from using.

Interview with Kristen Powers and Jennifer McMinn

Group accounts director and Senior Project Manager, Centerline Digital

Why ShelterBox?

It is truly a phenomenal cause, and we are thrilled to be their trusted partner for this challenge, and for many years to come. Lending our time and expertise to help them be more effective – I can’t think of any organization more deserving.


What inspired you create this 48-hours creative lab?

Timing is everything when disaster strikes, and ShelterBox values speed. Days can feel like weeks when you’re without things that we often take for granted – things like shelter, blankets, and light.

Knowing how quickly ShelterBox must respond to help families in need, Centerline's challenge was to create promotional strategy and creative assets for ShelterBox in a similar, rapid turnaround – hence the 48 hour deadline.


How has the agency benefited from this project?

I think what made the ShelterBox project so special was having the whole agency rallying behind a good cause and doing what we do best – volunteering our time for something that we feel passionate about.

The amount of assets we created surpassed my wildest expectations – which goes to show how creative and inspired everyone was by the cause. I wasn’t surprised by the great participation, because people were so eager to get out their ideas and work on something new.

What was unexpected – but so great – was the camaraderie that developed between people who had never worked together before. There was such a strong sense of team during the experience, and it impacted relationships moving forward. Friendships were created over those two days.

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