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Caribbean man standing in front of a collapsed building

Cable & Wireless, the global telecommunications company, reacted just as rapidly as we did to the devastation in the Caribbean. By quickly getting in touch with our team, they were able to donate $100,000 to directly support those they could see desperately needed their help.

ShelterBox responded to the most isolated communities in the Caribbean that needed support. The specific donation from Cable & Wireless was directly spent on providing shelter for 1,121 families in Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands and Dominica.

Our response was tailored depending on the situation on each island. On some islands there were natural resources available to quickly rebuild homes with the help of our ShelterKits. Elsewhere, tents were the best option – creating a safe home while the long clean-up process takes place.


Man and Caribbean woman sat down in front of a house having a discussion

Our monitoring and evaluating process means we can absolutely quantify to partners how their support has made a difference.

In the Caribbean, we were able to report to Cable & Wireless how they helped families protect themselves from the elements, return to normal family activities, and improve their privacy and psychological wellbeing.

'The tent allowed them to continue working, and to live on the site, as they rebuilt [their] home. Construction is coming along, and the recovery is in process. The construction of the new home is almost complete.'

– Martin Strutton, M&E Coordinator, ShelterBox

We’re thrilled that ShelterBox and Rotary, with their expertise and passion for relief deployment, have joined as inaugural partners of the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation. The aim of the Foundation is to make an immediate difference in the lives of those affected by disaster, and with ShelterBox and Rotary as partners, I am confident that we can continue doing just that.

– John Reid, CEO, Cable & Wireless

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We help companies achieve their business objectives to ensure no family goes without shelter.


ShelterBox are always monitoring for potential disasters around the globe. Events such as flash floods and hurricanes are somewhat more predictable than an earthquake or a volcanic eruption, but no matter the disaster, we are ready to respond.

With the help of our emergency response partners, we can deliver more aid, send more teams, and ultimately ensure more families have shelter when they need it most.

Just as we are prepared to respond, so your organisation can be too. Many companies work with us to create plans to quickly and effectively release funds, engage their staff, and inspire their clients should a disaster strike.

If this is something you would like to explore, please get in touch with our Corporate Partnerships team using the button below.

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