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When have you first heard about ShelterBox?

In 2013, ShelterBox volunteers walked in at a Rotary Club regular meeting, visited the mother club in the district. They were in the country to do emergency response. He was explaining what support ShelterBox needs.

Why did you decide to support ShelterBox?

There are incidents in the life of a person that just comes, unplanned, but will change the life of that person completely, and the lives of the people around that particular person.

The volunteers came at the time when I, as a Filipino, felt I wanted to do something for the survivors of the successive disasters.

First was the earthquake in Bohol then, the Haiyan super typhoon. There was instantly an unexplainable connection between what ShelterBox is doing versus what I wanted to do personally. It was more of personal life changing desire first in response to the disastrous events that happened. There was alignment of stars.

How do you feel about enabling ShelterBox to provide emergency shelter to the most vulnerable families left without a place to call home?

We are the BTS…behind the scenes, and we love to be the BTS for ShelterBox’s emergency response for it to be able to help the people affected by the disasters. We are expecting though that with ShelterBox Operations Philippines, the response will be more efficient.

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ShelterBox Operations Philippines

ShelterBox Operations Philippines is a non-government organisation (NGO) that aims to provide emergency shelter for families affected by natural disasters in the Philippines.

Corporate Partnerships

We help companies achieve their business objectives by partnering with them to ensure no family goes without shelter.

Rotary International

By working together with Rotary, we are able to collaborate and combine resources to ensure that we can support more communities in desperate need of shelter.