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“Although the two organisations work in different sectors, we have a lot of common financial objectives and challenges. Collaborative projects with world-class organisations like Aggreko help expand our professional horizons.”

- Michael Johns, Director of Finance, ShelterBox

“The skill sharing opportunity added tremendous value to the LEAD programme. It has been an important and exciting way to work together and to understand how we can best help each other in the future.”

- Russ Porowski, Head Sales Strategy – North America

“It was very interesting to see how a much smaller organisation operating globally works with fewer resources than Aggreko. It opened my eyes to what can be done with very little.”

- Alan Dunne, Operations & Hire Director - Northern Europe, Aggreko


  • The experience has been described as “eye-opening” by most of Aggreko’s participants.
  • ShelterBox’s participants described it as “highly professional” and “insightful”.


On 15 September 2018, Typhoon Mangkhut, known locally as Ompong, made landfall in the northern Philippines.

It was a Category 5 typhoon with sustained wind speeds of 200 km/h that damaged almost all buildings. A ShelterBox team was deployed straightaway to help families who lost everything, and Aggreko immediately decided to support the response.

We helped 1,042 families in total with essential aid items like ShelterKits, tarpaulins, solar lights and hurricane strapping which helped to reinforce their homes as they rebuild.

Aggreko’s generous donation provided emergency shelter and solar lights for 565 of these families.

Their funds allowed ShelterBox to provide a support effort that may otherwise have been challenging to do so.


Two people from Team Aggreko ’s Philippines office were given the opportunity to witness the positive change and see first-hand the impact that Aggreko and ShelterBox, together, can make.

They had the chance to visit the families hit by Typhoon Mangkhut and see how the partnership helped them recover and rebuild their lives.

“Over the past few days I have seen how much Aggreko and ShelterBox has made a difference in the lives of these people. I’m so glad to be part of the team here and so proud to be part of Aggreko who has made such a difference to the families devastated by Typhoon Mangkhut.”

- Jiga Montenegro, Senior BDM, Manila

"It’s been great to be able to offer people in my region an experience like this.
As well as the obvious benefit of allowing much-needed support into areas like the Philippines, our partnership also provides the added benefit of development opportunities for our teams, and I know Jiga and Norde fully embraced their visit and came away with new thinking.”

- Phil Burns, Managing Director,  AME

In closing

Aggreko and ShelterBox are delighted at the impact that working together has had in only a matter of months, and look forward to pushing forward in our relationship over the duration of our partnership.

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