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Cumbria we have lift off!

 A short time ahead, at a climbing wall not too far away Mick Dunn our ShelterBox Response Team Member will climbing to space*. Will you join him?

Be one of the hundred people needed to take part in this challenge at the Kendal Climbing Wall, Cumbria. For Mick, failure is not an option, and he has no boosters, so he needs your help!

The challenge

If you’re a climber in Cumbria come and join this shared fundraising challenge which will help turn despair to hope for families who’ve lost everything around the world.

The target is 100km and with 100 people that’s only one kilometre (3280 ft) each! Bring your friends and family and boldly go where no ShelterBox fundraiser has been before.

It’s not necessary to climb to support this event, but you’ll have a lot more fun if you have a go. Keep an eye on the event for news of sponsored awards and ways to help with fundraising.

Event now passed.

*As indicated by the Karman Line, 100km above sea level, generally thought to be the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and Outer Space.

Why join Team ShelterBox?

Houses damaged by Typhoon Mangkhut in the  Philippines

Thelma lost everything in Typhoon Mangkhut. She is one of around 33 million people who need vital emergency shelter aid this year. At the moment, only one in five families world-wide receives the support they need.

By taking part in Climb to Space you will be helping to fund the vital aid needed to transform the lives of Thelma and many others. Set yourself a fundraising total:

  • £590 could provide a ShelterBox, designed to help people who have lost everything.
  • £317 could provide a bespoke all-purpose family tent.
  • £80 could provide two water filtration kits that make contaminated water safe to drink.
  • £69 could provide tools, ropes and heavy-duty tarpaulins to build emergency shelters and repair existing structures.
  • £40 could provide four LuminAID lights

Get involved

Do your own thing

If these challenges aren't your thing, feel free to check out our ideas for events and gatherings.

Put a twist on your regular leisure activities or create a new event to support families all over the world after disaster.