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Syria winter Appeal

As the freezing winter closes in on Syrian families, we need your help to offer warmth, protection and hope.  

Families have fled from unspeakable violence but still face life-threatening danger from the harsh winter conditions.   

We’re now in our seventh year of helping families who have fled the conflict in Syria, and we’ve seen the scale of the need grow year on year.  

This year, even more families have run from conflict. They are now facing their first winter in emergency camps, with no home, no blankets and no warm clothes for their children. 

This winter, you can give a gift that will protect families through fierce snowstorms and icy winds. 

Your gift is much more than a canvas roof overhead, or a warm blanket to wrap a child in. It’s a good night’s sleep after an endless nightmare. It’s the only home a family may have for months. But most of all, it’s the promise that the worst is over, and there’s a brighter future ahead. 

Over 45,000 life-saving gifts have already been sent to families affected by the crisis in Syria – your gift could send one more.

Send your gift to families like Mohammed's

Mohammed currently lives with his wife and four children in a refugee camp in Syria.

They arrived at the camp with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. With winter just around the corner, Mohammed tells us they are not prepared to face the freezing temperatures. 

They need tarpaulins, a tent, blankets and warm clothes for their children to stay safe and protected throughout the winter.

Please send your gift of warmth, protection and hope to families like Mohammed's in Syria and beyond.

Send a gift today

syria winter clothes appeal

Send warmth

  • Cosy babygros 
  • Hats, gloves, scarves 
  • Thermal blankets 
  • Children’s clothes 
syria winter appeal

Send protection

  • Weather resistant tent 
  • Water filter for clean drinking water 
syria christmas appeal

Send hope

  • Kitchen items for cooking hot meals 
  • Tools to rebuild homes 
  • Solar lamp to light the dark nights

'We don’t have anything for winter’

Om ran from the conflict in Syria to save her children from shelling and gunfire. But she has nothing to protect them from the cold this winter. 

Om was heavily pregnant when she arrived at the emergency camp. After giving birth, she had no clothes for her newborn son – not even a babygro. She told us how worried she was for little Issam as the cold weather set in: 

‘We don’t have anything for winter, not even blankets.’ 

Life is harsh in an emergency camp, especially in winter. Imagine how Om is feeling, knowing she has no home, no blankets and no winter clothes to keep the snow and icy blizzards out this Christmas. 

With your ShelterBox gift, we can keep children like baby Issam wrapped up warm and safe this winter.

Give shelter