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What is ShelterBox Book Club?

ShelterBox Book Club is made up of members all around the country, who all share the love of a quality read.

Each member can vote on the next book – a shortlist carefully selected by Head Bookworm, who is always on the lookout for compelling stories from around the world and strong characters with depth.

Join the ShelterBox Book Club community today with a monthly payment to ShelterBox, and you can look forward to receiving your own copy of each winning book, reading along at your own pace and joining the discussion online. 

And with every story you read, you’ll be transforming the lives of disaster-hit families in the real world. 

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How does it work?

It couldn’t be easier to join ShelterBox Book Club and start your membership. Here’s how it all works:

  • Join today with a monthly payment – we recommend at least £10 to cover costs and postage, as well as helping disaster-hit families
  • Vote on the next shortlist of quality books 
  • Receive your copy of the winning book through the post 
  • Read along at your own pace, wherever suits you best
  • Take part in the discussion online, with fellow members and the ShelterBox team – with no spoilers
  • Hear how your membership is helping disaster-hit families around the world.



As soon as I heard about ShelterBox Book Club, I couldn’t wait to join and do some good for families hit by disaster – all thanks to the power of a good read.

- Helena

What do I receive?

We asked our members what would make the perfect ShelterBox Book Club experience.

They told us that every six weeks was just the right amount of time to enjoy each book properly. Thanks to their feedback, this is what you can look forward to receiving:

  • An email welcome from Head Bookworm
  • The chance to vote on a shortlist of books every six weeks
  • Your own copy of the winning book sent through the post
  • A welcome bookmark to make sure you never lose your place
  • Details of our online discussion forum
  • Regular news and updates from Head Bookworm – with no spoilers
  • Invitations to special online events
  • Insights into the lives of real people being helped thanks to your membership.

Want to find out more? View the Book Club FAQs.

What have we read?

Here are some of the books we’ve read since starting ShelterBox Book Club.

What our members say

How your membership helps in an emergency

ShelterBox is no ordinary charity. We believe that every family has the right to a shelter they can call home. No ifs. No buts.

Join our extraordinary Book Club today and you’ll be helping reach even more families hit by disaster or emergency. See how we've helped people recover.

Your support will help provide vital ShelterBoxes and ShelterKits with emergency essentials, like tents, water filters and solar lights. Find out more about our aid.

Whenever disaster strikes – whether it’s a hurricane, floods or severe drought – your love of a good book will help create real-life stories with a happier ending.

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What ShelterBox book club means

From famous faces to the front line of disaster response

Judi Dench

Judi Dench, Actress

'I remember having tonsillitis very badly as a child and my brothers had the entire set of Richmal Crompton Just William books, which they gave me to read. I laughed so much at the stories, which was not too good for the tonsils, but they made me an avid reader.'

Anna Dixie, ShelterBox Operations Coordinator

'ShelterBox Book Club helps us to provide aid to families, which acts as the vital first step to recovery after disaster. A woman I met in Kenya, whose house had been destroyed by flooding, told me that the tools and materials she received from ShelterBox were what had made it possible for her to leave the displacement camp and start rebuilding her home and her life.'

Samina, ShelterBox aid recipient

‘I was scared for my Children’s safety, we had almost no food and it was difficult to keep my children warm at night. ShelterBox have made such a difference to my life, I can now provide more for my children.’

Read Samina's story

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