Coronavirus Urgent Appeal

We are helping families now. Your vital support will help protect people from coronavirus in dangerously crowded camps and after disasters.

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Emergency aid can be life-saving

Coronavirus is one of the biggest threats to humanity right now. Like you, we are worried about the impact this is having on our lives and the world around us.

Now imagine not having a home during this time. Displaced families around the world have no private space to isolate and protect themselves from the virus, no access to clean water to wash their hands, and no blankets to keep them warm.

The need for humanitarian support is greater than ever for families already living in inhumane conditions.

Right now, we are working even harder with our partners around the world to provide families with the emergency shelter they need now, more than ever. But we urgently need additional support to put our plans into action, help slow the spread of the disease and save lives. 

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How can we help?

Our tents and shelter kits can help people to keep distance from each other.

Emergency shelter is absolutely vital for helping people move from overcrowded camps and collective centres to a more private space.

By providing blankets and sleeping mats we are helping to keep people warm and dry. Water filters and cooking sets allow families to have warm meals and clean water – you can help families stay as healthy as possible.

Our partners in Syria, Cameroon and Ethiopia are working hard to get our emergency shelter to people who need it, whilst implementing measures to reduce social contact during assessments and distributions.

In Syria, we are now providing hand soap and washing basins in addition to our essential shelter aid. These will enable families to protect themselves as much as possible from the deadly virus.

About our aid

Disasters don't stop

Other disasters will continue to strike in 2020, leaving huge numbers of families vulnerable and without a home.

Our resources are currently under huge strain, but with additional funding we will provide emergency shelter in the aftermath of these new conflicts and disasters wherever we can – so families can recover faster and be less exposed to the risks of coronavirus.

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