Coronavirus Urgent Appeal

In some of the world’s most vulnerable places, coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. Please donate to save lives today.

Families need your support

Lockdown restrictions are being eased in many countries, including the UK. However, the spread of coronavirus is speeding up globally.

In some of the world’s most fragile places, coronavirus is an additional deadly threat. Devastated by disasters or forced to flee their homes because of conflict and violence, families urgently need shelter to help protect themselves from this disease.

Imagine living in an overcrowded refugee camp in Syria, with no access to healthcare, not enough water or soap to keep your hands clean, and nowhere to self-isolate with your family.

Coronavirus is not over until it’s over everywhere. Please donate now to provide life-saving emergency shelter to families who urgently need it. Join us in the fight to limit the global spread of coronavirus today.

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How can you help?

Our simple solutions are making a huge difference

By supporting us today, you are helping to provide life-saving shelter to more families who need to protect themselves from coronavirus.

Tarpaulins, tools and rope help to create extra space in a home. Tents provide a private space where families can be together away from others.

Soap and washbasins are helping people keep their hands clean. And our packages of household items – from cooking sets to water filters that kill viruses – can help families to stay safe by reducing sharing.

We don’t stop there. We are also speaking to people and promoting health messages at every opportunity, making sure that as many people as possible know how best to protect themselves.

You can change lives today. Please give people shelter now.

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Supporting people like Abo

Man in a camp in Syria

“The challenges I face to protect myself and my family from the coronavirus are the same challenges that most people face in the camps, such as a lack of resources to fight the virus, for example, masks, sterilizers and medical resources.

“The materials we received from you helped us increase our privacy and reduce sharing of materials with other families, it is very good. Thank you.”

-Abo, Syria

Disasters don't stop

Other disasters will continue to strike in 2020, leaving huge numbers of families vulnerable and without a home.

Our resources are currently under huge strain, but with additional funding we will provide emergency shelter in the aftermath of these new conflicts and disasters wherever we can – so families can recover faster and be less exposed to the risks of coronavirus.

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