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How you give to us

Your gifts reach us in a number of different ways.

Whilst a large part of our income comes from supporters who donate to appeals when disasters strike, many choose to give us a regular gift, sign-up to our Book Club or take part in local event or challenges.

We work with fantastic corporate partners, and have strong relationships with trusts and foundations. 

We work with a global network of supporters, volunteers and partners, and we are incredibly proud to be official project partners with Rotary International and receive amazing support from Rotarians around the world. 



How we spend your money

Around 75p of every pound raised is used to give families a place to call home after disaster. The remaining 25p is invested to raise future vital funds.

We work this out in the same way as many charities in the UK, using financial results from the last three years to make sure events in any single year don’t have a distorting effect. 

No two disasters are the same and that means each year can be a bit different depending on how, where and when we have supported families around the world. Taking a three-year average means we have a clearer picture of how we are performing.

In 2017, we spent £9.5 million supporting disaster-hit families in their recovery with essential items like tents, tarpaulins, toolkits, solar lights, water filters and carriers, blankets, cooking sets and mosquito nets.

How your support makes a difference

“Everything has been useful, but the big box is the best. I keep many things inside it and I can lock it. In the early morning when everyone gets up, I roll the blankets up and put them in the box, it makes everything look clean and tidy.”

“See the place we are living, we do not have a proper shelter. So this is very useful and it suits us. We are very grateful for what we have received. Thank you for this.”

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