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In 2018, we went further than ever to reach families who needed emergency shelter. We supported 210,000 people who lost their homes to natural disaster or conflict. 

  • That's over 30,000 families supported with emergency shelter aid and other essential household items
  • ...and a further12,000 families supported with essential household items.

We can’t replace what is lost, but emergency shelter can give families some sense of normality – it is a place to call home, the space to begin to recover. 

The need is sharper than ever. In our 2018 report Recovery Begins with Shelter, we found that just one in five families worldwide receive the emergency shelter they need after disaster. That need has set us on an ambitious path to support more families every year. 

We put families first. We are focused. We go further. We are global. We are ShelterBox. 

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Your support makes all these achievements possible. Raising funds, lending a hand, sharing our mission – however you’ve been part of the ShelterBox story in 2018, thank you. 

  • In 2018, your amazing support helped over 210,000 people around the world who have been affected by natural disaster and conflict. 
  • This year, you have helped our teams go further, reaching families across 17 countries around the world in response to 18 disasters.  

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Previous Annual reports:

Annual report 2017

Two years into our strategy to transform our charity and help one million people a year. It’s an ambitious number. We have a robust plan in place. And we’re making progress. ​View 2017 Annual report

Annual report 2016 

2016 marked the start of a new strategy to grow our charity and reach even more vulnerable families. - download report

Annual report 2015

In 2015, we supported almost 30,000 families in situations as varied as Nepal, Syria and Vanuatu - download report

Annual report 2014

2014 was dominated by our response to Typhoon Haiyan, but we also helped communities after 27 other disasters - download report

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Board and Executive team

Our executive team and trustees share our determination and have all pledged to help make this happen. 

ShelterBox's ultimate decision making authority is its board of trustees, which has full legal responsibility for the running of the charity.

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How we spend your money

With the help of amazing supporters like you, we’re working hard to provide emergency shelter for vulnerable families around the world who have lost their homes after disaster.

In 2018, your support helped over 210,000 people around the world who have been affected by natural disaster and conflict.

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