Syria Refugee Crisis
Syria Refugee Appeal: Four years on and families need our help more than ever

It’s been four years since the conflict broke out in Syria. Over 9 million people have been forced from their homes in the war-torn country having been exposed to violence and unremitting fighting. The majority now remain within the borders with no home to go to and no possessions. Over 2.5 million refugees, three quarters of them being women and children, still seek safety and shelter across neighbouring countries.

The vast majority of fleeing families arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs. Many are injured from continuous bombing and shelling. They have no regular food and no income. Men, women and children are suffering through no fault of their own. They are in desperate need of shelter and other vital supplies.

ShelterBox has sent aid to support over 5,000 families in Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan, Lebanon and Jordan in some truly challenging situations. But four years on many thousands still need our help today more than ever. Our Operations team is working with partners in Syria and Lebanon to reach the most vulnerable families. Please help Syrian families and donate now.

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How ShelterBox has been helping

In Syria we are working with aid agencies who are acting as our partners, delivering essential aid to families fleeing conflict, including emergency shelter, blankets, water filtration equipment and carriers, cooking utensils, mosquito nets and children’s activity packs.

In December 2012, we brought winter kits containing blankets, groundsheets, water carriers, stoves, jerry cans, hats, gloves and scarfs to all 710 families living at Al-Salameh camp in Syria, enabling them to keep warm and safe.

In Iraqi Kurdistan, we delivered winterised ShelterBox disaster relief tents with other aid designed for cold conditions in November 2012, bringing shelter and warmth to families living at Domiz refugee camp. Following an influx of refugees in August 2013, we returned to the capital Irbil to distribute more tents as well as SchoolBoxes (a box containing equipment for a teacher and 50 students) and kitchen sets to Syrian families at refugee camps in and around the city.

We were the first aid agency to distribute tents to Syrian refugees in Lebanon with the permission of the Lebanese Government. ShelterBox continues to work with multiple implementing partners across various hubs to deliver much needed emergency shelter to vulnerable families in need.

Earlier in 2013 in Jordan we worked with the border guards who distributed winterised ShelterBoxes along the Syrian border providing a rest area for newly arriving Syrian refugee families.

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This week marks three years since civil war in Syria sparked the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis. Teams from UK based ShelterBox have worked tirelessly to get aid to thousands of refugees and internally displaced families. With a long term presence in four countries, now the charity is focusing on two fronts – in neighbouring Lebanon, and via a route into Syria itself.