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Monday 12 March 2012

Scouts show support in Madagascar
Scouts show support in Madagascar
Local Scout groups help erect ShelterBox midi-tents in Brickaville. Images taken by Angelo Spencer-Smith.

Local scouts have been helping ShelterBox Response Teams (SRT) set up emergency shelter for displaced families in Madagascar's various remote villages.
ShelterBox has been on the ground for almost four weeks assessing the need and distributing tents in Brickaville. The eastern coast town and the surrounding area is one of the worst affected regions where floodwaters and landslides have damaged thousands of homes. Gérard Studer, a representative from ShelterBox France, has been coordinating the scouts' involvement in the deployment: 
'The cooperation between ShelterBox and the local scouts has been amazing and very much appreciated by the families in need as well as the village leaders. The scouts have also been thrilled by the opportunity provided by ShelterBox to help deliver shelter, warmth and dignity to families in their own country.'
Paul Martial Raseda, a village leader from Fokontany Tanandava, said: 'I am personally very thankful for the help provided by ShelterBox to my village and I'd like to praise the involvement of the scouts in helping putting up our new homes for our families.'

ShelterBox's collaboration with the scouts has enabled them to show support to their local community and also has enabled ShelterBox to help more people at a faster pace.

Images taken by Angelo Spencer-Smith.
SRT member Angelo Spencer-Smith (UK) found one family who had been living under a tree with what was left of their roof leaned up against it to give them some kind of protection:
'We did not know each other’s language but after we had finished putting up her tent and explained that she could move in she thanked us with the most genuine gratitude thinkable and was close to tears. The going is very hard here but these small moments make everything worthwhile. It is a real privilege to be able to play my small part.'
The island had only just began to recover from the two hits from February's Cyclone Giovanna when Cyclone Irina then drenched parts of the country at the beginning of March, leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless. To date, ShelterBox has distributed 550 tents with help from Madagascar's National Bureau of Risk and Disaster Management. 
To view more images of the deployment, please visit ShelterBox's Flickr page here.
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