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Tuesday 09 September 2008

Images arrive from flood- hit area of Nepal
Images arrive from flood- hit area of Nepal

A ShelterBox tented village in Nepal, where severe floods have displaced thousands.  

ShelterBox Response Team member (SRT) Mark Pearson has sent a series of images to ShelterBox HQ from the flood-hit area of Nepal, where the team is currently deployed. In the image below, Sunita Devi holds her four-year-old disabled son Nitish Kumar outside their new ShelterBox tent. She said: “When the floods came, I was with my family. I took my son and ran to the roadside embankment but no one was there to help. Then we found shelter in the army barracks, but it was cramped. I am happy now to have my own shelter and the family can be together again." The Nepalese Army has been helping ShelterBox to deliver the aid to the areas where the displaced have gathered. The ShelterBox tented village is home to hundreds of families who were affected by the flooding of the Koshi Dam area in Sunsari, Nepal.

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