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Thursday 26 November 2009

ShelterBoxes delivered in Indonesia
ShelterBoxes delivered in Indonesia

Emergency aid for close to 400 people has been delivered to Indonesia - close to the epicentre of a recent earthquake.

ShelterBox Response Team members Owen Smith (NZ) and Lyndon Tamblyn (NZ) have distributed 37 boxes to the area of Bima in the West Nusa Tenggara province, where hundreds of houses, several hospitals and a school have been severely damaged.

The boxes of aid were delivered to Bonto and Ambolawi, two of the worst-hit villages after the 6.7-magnitude quake.

Owen Smith said: ‘This was a very serious event for the two badly damaged villages and their people. But following the distribution of the 37 tents we are expecting a successful outcome to this deployment.'

This was the third earthquake that has struck Indonesia in as many months. Last month ShelterBox delivered tents and emergency supplies to Sumatra after a 7.6-magnitude earthquake left thousands of people homeless. 

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