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Thursday 19 December 2013

ShelterBox brings shelter to a newborn, Philippines
ShelterBox brings shelter to a newborn, Philippines

‘I am from Munchumba village, Barangay okoi. The storm destroyed many houses in our village. My house is destroyed. I felt like my heart was broken, it took many years to build it up and then in one minute, it was gone.’ 
This story isn’t about Typhoon Haiyan survivor Jeremiah in the Philippines. It’s about his baby girl.
His wife Nida was heavily pregnant at the time of the storm that devastated the Asian country. Her, Jeremiah and their children no longer had a home.
‘This was the first time I have experienced a storm this strong,’ continued Jeremiah. ‘I have lived here since I was born, my family is here.’
Just days before their baby girl was born, a ShelterBox Response Team had brought a tent to them, making a huge difference to their lives.

Jeremiah and his wife Nida with their children in front of their ShelterBox tent, Philippines, November 2013.

‘Thank you for supporting us, thank you for your concern for our village, thank you.’
First home
Thanks to all of you generous supporters around the world, you provided Jeremiah and Nida’s baby girl with her first home, bringing her shelter and safety. 
‘My family is happy, my baby is healthy and we are safe.’
At the time of writing this story, the baby did not have a name, but her parents were thinking of Yolanda, which is the local name for the typhoon.
Thank you for helping families like Jeremiah’s, together we are making a difference to people's lives at the time they need it the most. 
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