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Thursday 12 September 2013

ShelterBox brings families together in Philippines
ShelterBox brings families together in Philippines
Evangeline with her daughters and sister in their new midi tent, Philippines, September 2013.

Evangeline and Jose Paule have two young daughters Mary Jane and Mary Ann. They are one of the families that ShelterBox delivered a tent to in the Philippines after Tropical Storm Trami hit unexpectedly, flooding their entire village. 
‘We were sleeping when the strong rains and winds came and Jose was at work,’ said Evangeline. ‘Instinctively I woke up and grabbed my children and ran to meet my sister on higher ground. The water raised so fast that in less than one hour all of my neighbours had fled to higher ground. In under two hours our house was flooded with several feet of water. 
‘I returned the next day to try and salvage what I could but all I could find was some clothes, a small gas stove and some food. I went back to my sisters but by the end of the day her house was also flooded with several feet of water too. We therefore all went to the levee, the highest ground to seek refuge. We ended up making a little makeshift shelter and we slept there for a few nights.’
With their home still submerged under water, the family can be together, comfortable and safe from the ongoing rain showers, now they are in a ShelterBox midi tent. 

The makeshift shelter Evangeline and her two daughters were sleeping in before they were given a ShelterBox tent, Philippines, September 2013.

‘I could go back to work on weekdays without worries knowing that my three most precious gems in my life are safe and sound again,’ added Jose. 
Midi tents are a more compact version of the ShelterBox disaster relief tent. They have been designed to offer a solution for varying occupancy levels and disaster conditions. 

Benefits of midi tents
‘The benefits of midi tents are that they are smaller to transport, easier to put up and take up less space,’ said ShelterBox Director of Operations John Leach. ‘They are therefore ideal for responses where space is at a premium or where temporary shelter is required for a shorter amount of time.’ 
Once the water recedes in Evangeline’s home, she and her family will be able to return home with their tent and live in it on their land as they begin repairs and rebuilding their house. 
Thank you
Thanks to all of our donors and supporters who have helped ShelterBox bring shelter to families in need, like Evangeline’s, in the Philippines. Thanks to your help, we have been able to bring shelter, warmth and dignity to 119 families.
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