Syria Refugee Appeal

Three years on and families still need your help


About Us
We have a strong history of working with Scouts in disaster zones. Scouts have assisted us in setting up and maintaining camps for those who have lost everything in countries such as Kenya, Italy and Guatemala.

Within days of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, local Scouts were working with our response team members to establish a camp for up to 4,000 people.

From their assistance in the field to their engagement with the work we do, Scouts have become an integral part of the ShelterBox family.

In the UK we are an official partner of the Scout Association, in the USA the Boy Scouts of America are becoming increasingly more involved with the work we do and throughout Europe more and more Scouts are learning about ShelterBox. We have launched a series of innovative and inspiring activities for Scouts of all ages that aim to inform, educate and entertain Scout groups.

Our global relationship with the Scout network gives us the opportunity to engage Scouts in worldwide issues such as natural disasters, manmade conflict and humanitarian aid; contributions from Scout groups have significantly increased the number of people we can help.

To find out more about ShelterBox's partnership with the Scouts click here.